Boo versus the Big Blue Thing


Boo had never been to a yard sale before. She really didn’t know what one was, but she liked new adventures.

Mom walked Boo into Mrs. Baumgartner’s driveway where tables and racks displayed all kinds of junk…. er, stuff. “Emily, take Boo’s leash while I look. And hold tight. I don’t want to chase her down the road again.”

“Ah, Boo,” Emily said, taking the leash, “you won’t run away, will you?”

Boo looked up at Emily, panting. Uh… maybe.

Emily led Boo past the junk and into the garage.

Boo halted. A big blue thing scowled at her. 

Emily giggled. “Look at the gorilla, Boo.” She ran her hands across the thing’s fur. “He’s soft.”

A gorilla? What’s a gorilla? She took one step forward, then two. Cautiously, she sniffed the thing.

“Boo!” Emily said.

Boo jumped and barked.

“Ha!” Emily said. “I wasn’t trying to scare you, I wanted to show you this.” She held up a stuffed toy. “It’s only twenty-five cents. Want it?”

Boo grabbed it and headed out of the garage, pulling Emily with her. She had enough of the big blue thing called a gorilla.