Mrs. Who is Having What?

Boo running cropped

“Emily!” Mom said. “If you don’t hurry, Boo and I will leave without you.” She picked up the leash Emily had flung onto the floor after yesterday’s walk.

Boo barked and ran to the front door. Hurry, Emily. Hurry!

“Coming!” Seven-year-old Emily skipped through the living room toward Boo.

“Oh, for goodness sakes, Emily,” Mom said. “Your shorts are on backward.”

Emily giggled. “Oops!” She skipped in reverse toward her bedroom. “How many people can do this?” She ran into the wall. “Ow!” Giggling, she fell to the floor.

“Apparently, you can’t,” Mom said, smiling. She pointed down the hallway. “Go!”

As quick as an ice cube melts on a hot summer day, Emily returned, shorts reversed.

Mom clipped the leash to Boo’s collar and opened the front door.

Boo shot onto the porch and down the stairs, jerking the leash from Mom’s hand. “Boo! Get back here.”

Yeah, right. Boo ran across the lawn, through the ditch, and onto the street.

The thundering of Emily’s feet followed. “Boo! Stop!”

Boo raced down the street, took the first right, then a left. She glanced over her shoulder.

Mom and Emily were a good two blocks behind her. She’d better wait, or Mom would never take her for a walk again.

She stopped under a tree and sat, panting as she watched Emily and Mom walk toward her.

Mom stomped ahead of Emily, hands on hips.


Mom glared. “Boo! I ought to take you home and never take you on another walk for the rest of your dog days.”

Boo lowered to the ground and looked up at Mom with her best “I’m really sorry” look.

Mom looked past Boo. “Oh! Look, Emily. Mrs. Baumgartner is having a yard sale. Let’s go shopping.”

Mrs. Who is having what?

“Yay! Shopping!” Emily ran past Mom and Boo and turned right onto the next street.

Mom picked up Boo’s leash. “You’re in trouble, young lady.”